Beardsley Road Connector
Beardsley Road Connector provides improved access from 83rd Avenue to the SR 101 via a new arterial street. Context sensitive solutions were explored early in the process to create a 'gateway' entrance into the City of Peoria by utilizing 'Tuscan' themed architectural and retaining wall treatments on the New River Bridge crossing and screen/noise walls located adjacent to the Fletcher Heights neighborhood. Native trees and large palms trees salvaged on site were used to create a 'mature' landscape presentation and enhanced gateway look. The design also includes a landscaped roundabout as a means to provide 'traffic calming' through the neighborhood.

                    Mature Tree Gateway Theme

                  Neighborhood Monument Sign

                                             Perspective Rendering Concept 

                                                        Landscaped Roundabout

                                            New River Bridge 'Tuscan' Theme