I-17 New River VA Report
CDG prepared a visual assessment (VA) study for a proposed widening of a 30 mile segment of Interstate 17 by the Arizona Department Transpiration (ADOT) as part of the Design Concept and Environmental Impact Study. The VA report was prepared to document the existing landscape and visual setting within the study area, as well as characterize the potential views of the proposed alternative roadway improvements from I-17, New River to Jct SR 69 (Cordes Junction).

The study was prepared in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and utilized the BLM’s ‘Visual Resource Management Program’ as the basis for the study. As part of the study, CDG detailed the long term, temporary, and cumulative visual impacts of the proposed alternative improvements and recommended visual mitigation measures and techniques for the identified impacts.

  I-17 Proposed Roadyway Alternatives

                                        Key Observation Point Graphic

                    View Southbound from Rocks Springs Bridge

                           Northbound View on I-17 at Milepost 238