US60 Grand Ave @59th Ave
This  pedestrian plaza in the City of Glendale was included as part of an overall intersection improvement project being completed by the Arizona Department of Transportation at this key downtown intersection. The project included the creation of a pedestrian friendly connection over the new US 60 Grand Avenue underpass to link the downtown City of Glendale Municipal Office complex with the southwest side of the Grand Avenue corridor. 

The plaza was designed to enhance and complement existing central city architectural elements, materials, colors and styles to create a unique gateway element for the downtown area.  Structural elements of the underpass were strengthened to accommodate the additional loading needed to provide for the masonry columns, steel vertical and horizontal trellis members, landscape planters and colored concrete pavers that were designed into the plaza deck areas. 

Aesthetic enhancements were also incorporated into the adjacent retaining walls by the use of form liners to produce wall accents and rustication.  Fencing for pedestrian safety was also enhanced with the use of masonry and tiled columns and a decorative mesh and framing that complements other architectural motifs in the downtown area.

                              Accent Plant Material

                                             Perspective Rendering Concept 

                                                            Column Plaza Design

                                                                       Fence Design

                                                        Underpass Intersection