Yuma 16th St. Bridge
This  project, completed for the City of Yuma consisted of the widening of the existing 16th Street and Interstate 8 (I-8) bridge. The City considered this bridge as a ‘gateway’ to the community and provided funding for artistic enhancement on the bridge, visible to travelers along I-8 and 16th Street. CDG was the lead Landscape Architecture firm hired to work with the design Engineer, the City and the Yuma Parks, Arts and Culture Commission to develop context sensitive design solutions that captured the Cities unique heritage and culture. The ‘whimsical’ Steamboat design concept was selected by the City and portrays a historical period in Yuma’s unique history when steamboats were the dominate mode of transportation along the Colorado River. The projects main art feature is constructed of structural steel tube and powder coated with colorful paints that match the City of Yuma logo. In addition, bridge portals were designed to showcase actual Yuma steamboat photos embossed into concrete panels.    

                     Pedestrian Fence Detail

                     Yuma 16th Street Bridge 'Steamboat' Theme 

                                                                    Entry Portal

                                        Perspective Rendering Concept